Maintenance & Repairs for Air Conditioning Sydney

Repairs and Maintenance

The N3 Air Conditioning team know what inconvenience is caused by having the Air Conditioning system break down. Our breakdown and repair service will see one of our trained technicians call on you as fast as possible to get your system up and running again.

We advise all clients that regular maintenance will not only help to reduce operating costs but will ensuring the best ongoing performance of your Air Conditioning system in Sydney. Our skilled team of technicians have experience and the equipment to maintain all types of heating and cooling air conditioning systems.

Whether it’s at your home or business, our maintenance & repair services include:

  • Filter Replacements
  • Air conditioning re-gas
  • Electric Control Failures
  • Sensor Problems
  • Drainage Issues
  • Refrigerant Leaks

On a visit, our technicians will check the following:

  • Refresh filters and micro filters
  • Check temperature controls
  • Clean condenser exterior
  • Report any obvious defects or risks
  • Lubricate moving parts when required
  • Check and clean condenser coil and fins
  • Clean cobwebs & leaves from outdoor units
  • Check condensing coil temperature
  • Adjust condensing fan speed if needed
  • Check defrost control if applicable
  • Check condenser is level
  • Check and blow out condensate drain line
  • Check and clean evaporator drain pan
  • Check controllers
  • Examine evaporator and valves
  • Examine safety controls
  • Check general performance
  • Check for electrical faults
  • Check operating temperatures
  • Clean inside evaporator unit
  • Check thermostat level
  • Check safety cut out devices
  • Check for excessive vibration
  • Check thermostat calibration

We can give expert technical advice and solution recommendations to the most complex of maintenance and repairs required to ducted, reverse cycle units and split systems.

Over the years our team have serviced specialist air conditioning units in numerous factories, offices, restaurants and bars, shopping malls, units, and churches across Sydney. This experience provides the client with a fast repair of their problem and servicing of units to ensure the safe long term operation of their installation.

Regular servicing of your air conditioning unit ensures your system runs efficiently, keeping your air clean and healthy.

Call us today to get our free advice on your commercial business air conditioning requirements.

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