Commercial Kitchen Rangehoods Sydney

We install commercial kitchen range hoods that combine cooking fumes with fresh exterior air, then its drawn out of the building via ducting. A filtration system is used in most exhaust hoods to remove unwanted grease as well as other particles.  Many vent hood exhaust air to the outside, however, some recirculate the air to the kitchen.

Commercial vent hoods are also work together with fire suppression devices to ensure the fumes from grease fire are accurately vented and the fire is put out immediately.

Commercial kitchen ventilation systems are more complex than sophisticated residential kitchen hood but operate on the same principle. Our commercial kitchen ventilation hoods normally have a series of ducts and hoods that are all connected to an extract fan. The air entering the system is filtered to keep grease out of the fan mechanism in order to keep it working and to avoid blockages.

Fan types are being important with the temperature capacity for the designed motor. The ‘Make Up Air’ at  80% of exhaust air is essential for performance of mechanical ventilation installation and we ensure this is achieved.

Enjoy fresh air, comfortable temperatures and get rid of bad odours with mechanical ventilation systems from us.

We are specialists at kitchen hood ventilation systems for many applications in homes, commercial or industrial buildings. Whether you’re keeping your home cool and dry in the summer or ventilating a kitchen, garage, bathroom or car park, we can help you.

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